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Sara Cucé, 2015

Big cities, endless crowded roads, busy shops:
everything around us moves in a frenetic way 
and we can’t escape from the speed of big city life.

The paradox of modern life flows through the dichotomy between fullness and emptiness:

the street has his own living energy, a powerful identity full of life, movements and sounds.

Lost bodies run through the lines of the street- they are deaf, they can’t hear the music of the street, they are alienated and isolated souls lost in the traffic of street life.

They are defeated and alone, but they always run together, blind and uncontrolled.


The aim of my project is to show how the essence of the street 
is irreversibly linked to human existence 
in a path of nine diptychs that aim to explore and discover the positive and the negative, the yin and the yang of city life.

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