Sara Cucé, 2016

Sara Cucé
This body is no one's home, 2016

Silver gelating prints
Edition 1 of 10

8.27 x 11.69 in

‘This body is no one's home’ is an ongoing series of analogue images about the sense of not belonging.

This work is the result of reflections about the disappearing of a personal self and the influence of the oriental concept that conceives the human body as a home and a temple.


The images are the result of in-camera double exposures, shot using a film camera and black and white film, then personally developed and printed in darkroom by the artist.

Inspired by the photo-sequences of Duane Michaels, one of the main influences on Cucè's work, the series is also a reflection of the famous quote by Virginia Wolf, 'I am rooted, but I flow'.

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