Sara Cucè is a London-based photographer, and a BA graduate from London Metropolitan University, London.

Her work explores questions of identity, representation, perception, memory, and the environment; it unravels identity and subjectivity as something that is never complete, but always in process, and invariably formed from within.

Cucè is the recipient of the Metro Imaging Mentorship Award and finalist of the LensCulture HOME '21 International Photo Prize in 2021, the Magnum Photography Awards, the Magnum Print Swap Shop, the Royal Photographic Society IPE 160 and the Photography on a Postcard 2017. Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout UK and Italy. 


Sara is a passionate film photographer and darkroom printer. She is also a Giclee and c-type fine art large format printing manager in a East London based studio. 


Contact me at cuce.sara@gmail.com




2017 BA Photography, London Metropolitan University



2020 Non voglio vedere, Casa Peloro, Messina, Italy

2018 Memory of the eyes, Glasshouse cafe, London, UK




2021 Finding a way home, English Riviera Photography Showcase, Artizan Gallery, UK

2017/2018 RPS International Photography Awards IPE 160, multiple locations in UK 

2018 Photograd Open 2018, London Metropolitan university, London.

2018 ‘New adventures in a dirty darkroom’, E5 Process collective, part of Photomonth London.

2017 CASS Summer Show, ’Too much information’, London Metropolitan university, London

2017 Magnum Print Swap Shop, Lensculture, theprintspace, London

2017 Photography on a Postcard, theprintspace, London

2016 This body is no one’s home, London Metropolitan University, London

2015 11 Degrees Show, Hoxton gallery, London



2021 LensCulture HOME '21 International Photo Prize (finalist)

2017 Metro Imaging Mentorship Award
2017 RPS International Photography Awards IPE 160



2018 Royal Photographic Society IPE 161- International Photography Exhibition 161.

2017 LensCulture Magnum Photography Awards 2017 - Editor's Picks

2017 Magnum Print Swap Shop (Finalist)

2017 Photography on a Postcard



2021 Altri Animali, La Riva.

2020 Normanno

2020 Conceptual Projects 

2019 Gazzetta del Sud

2018 Feature Shoot, ‘The magic of black and white in 27 photos’

2018 Booooooom 

2018 Voyage Houston Magazine 

2017 LensCulture profile 

2016 fLIP - for London Independent Photography magazine, issue 34: Adventure



If you would like to collaborate and for any general enquire, please email me at cuce.sara@gmail.com