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Sara Cucè is a London-based artist working with photography and a freelance curator, graduated from the MA in Curating Art and Public Programmes (LSBU & Whitechapel Gallery) in 2022.

Her work explores questions of identity, migration, belonging, memory, and the environment. It has been included in in numerous exhibitions throughout United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands

Cucè is the winner of the Life Framer Award 2022; also one of the 100 GUP Fresh Eyes Photo Talent 2022, and finalist of the LensCulture HOME '21 International Photo Prize in 2021.

Previously finalist at the Magnum Photography Awards, the Magnum Print Swap Shop, the Royal Photographic Society IPE 160 and the Photography on a Postcard 2017.

During 2021-22, Sara co-curated 'Tracing Absence', an exhibition with artworks selected from the Christen Sveaas Art Foundation, that opened at Whitechapel Gallery in London from Aug 2022 to January 2023, and currently touring to Kistefos Museum in Norway until October 2023.

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2022 MA Curating Art and Public Programmes, Whitechapel Gallery & LSBU

2017 BA Photography, London Metropolitan University



2022 Tracing Absence, artworks selection from Christen Sveaas Art Foundation, Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK  [co-curated as part of the MA Curating Art and Public Programmes]

2023 Tracing Absence, artworks selection from Christen Sveaas Art Foundation, Kistefos Museum, Norway



2020 Non voglio vedere, Casa Peloro, Messina, Italy




2023 A sense of place, PEP Photography, B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, Berlin, Germany. 

2023 Haute Photographie Rotterdam, GUP & Fresh Eyes Photo, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2022 Imagenation Milan, JustWomen, Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan, Italy.

2022 Haute Photographie Amsterdam, Fresh Eyes and GUP book launch & exhibition, Amsterdam.

2022 Arles Festival Off 2022, Casa&Putìa, Palermofoto temporary gallery, Arles, France

2022 Imagenation Paris, JustWomen, Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris, France.

2021 Finding a way home, English Riviera Photography Showcase, Artizan Gallery, UK

2017/2018 RPS International Photography Awards IPE 160, multiple locations in UK 

2018 Photograd Open 2018, London Metropolitan university, London.

2018 ‘New adventures in a dirty darkroom’, E5 Process collective, part of Photomonth London.

2017 CASS Summer Show, ’Too much information’, London Metropolitan university, London

2017 Magnum Print Swap Shop, Lensculture, theprintspace, London

2017 Photography on a Postcard, theprintspace, London

2016 This body is no one’s home, London Metropolitan University, London

2015 11 Degrees Show, Hoxton gallery, London



2022 Fresh Eyes Talent 2022

2022 Life Framer 'Home Sweet Home' Award Winner

2021 LensCulture HOME '21 International Photo Prize (finalist)

2017 Metro Imaging Mentorship Award
2017 RPS International Photography Awards IPE 160



2018 Royal Photographic Society IPE 161- International Photography Exhibition 161.

2017 LensCulture Magnum Photography Awards 2017 - Editor's Picks

2017 Magnum Print Swap Shop (Finalist)

2017 Photography on a Postcard



​2022 Normanno,'La fotografa messinese Sara Cucé tra i 100 talenti europei del Fresh Eyes 2022' 

​2022 Gazzetta del Sud, 'Messina, Sara cattura le altre vite con le sue fotografie d'arte'

​2021 LensCulture, '15 Most Popular Discoveries, Interviews and Visual Stories from LensCulture in 2021'

2021 LensCulture, 'Memory of the eyes' project review by Magali Duzant

2021 Altri Animali, La Riva.

2020 Normanno, 'I rullini di Sara Cucè: da Londra a Messina in mostra con 'Non voglio vedere' a Casa Peloro.

2020 Conceptual Projects 

2019 Gazzetta del Sud, 'Sara, la giovane rinata dopo un incidente: i suoi click premiati a Londra'

2018 Feature Shoot, ‘The magic of black and white in 27 photos’

2018 Booooooom 

2018 Voyage Houston Magazine 

2016 fLIP - for London Independent Photography magazine, issue 34: Adventure



If you would like to collaborate and for any general enquire, please email me at

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