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Sara Cucé, 2018 - ongoing

'Scarti' is an ongoing photographic series of in-camera double exposures on black and white 35mm film. The artist is inspired by the research of a 'chance meeting', created by shooting the 35mm film, rewinding it and reshooting it. The images are combined with various texts and parts of the artist's poems and intimate diary, in the continuous research of a sense and a construction of a personal self and an identity, that feels like flowing together and making more sense as the project progresses and comes along, yet in truth they are 'little accidents', uncontrolled moments, photographs taken by chance. However, the artist, believing that nothing really happens by chance, and she likes to play with the idea of a symbolism behind the elements in these double exposures, and to explore and enquires them, finding new meanings that otherwise would never be unveiled, resembling the same approach of a fortune-teller reading tarot cards.

The dual nature of the images reflects the duality of a state of mind, a condition of life, a personality and a body that is feeling contrasting sentiments, evolving and bringing out a new sense to the present human condition. 

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