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Sara Cucé, 2016 - 2020

'I do not want to see / I do not want to see' is a series that I developed between 2016 and 2020. The series revolves around the journey of returning home to my homeland (Messina, Sicily) and the emotions that each departure and return inevitably bring along.


These emotions are often connected to a constant fear of seeing how things change, deteriorate, how people, friends and family grow, or seeing how the void I left by leaving has been filled or not. This series encompasses all the things that I almost refuse to see every time I return, because seeing them would really lead to a painful process.

I photographed the interiors of my home and my family’s home, the faces of friends and relatives hiding behind the plants of my mom and dad's beloved garden (which reminds me of the care and love they dedicate to the growth not only of garden but also of me and my brother), and glimpses of everyday life during summer, the season that contains the most cherished memories.

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