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Sara Cucé, 2017

'In here I do exist' is a series of portraits in color and black and white, taken underwater, in Sicily,
an environment in which I feel at ease, light and connected with everything around me.
The series aims to explore and represents the indissoluble bond with my homeland.


I was born on an island, surrounded by water and isolated in its uniqueness. I left home full of optimism and hopes for the future but then something inside of me started to dry up, to inevitably change.
And just at that moment, on the threshold of the first 5 years away from home, I realised what it was like to live away from your homeland. Every time I return, it's like embracing that strip of land again,
I feel one with who I am, who I was and who I will be. And I repeat to myself:
« I was born here and here I will return, because in here I do exist »

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