Sara Cucé, 2017

Sara Cuce’

Too much information, 2017

Installation constiting of photographic giclée prints and found newspaper

Varied dimensions

I am an Italian-born photographer, raised in Sicily and based in London.

'Too much information’ is a project I’ve been working on in 2017, when I started questioning my identity in relation to the space I was inhabiting and the perception of life as a foreigner in London.

I felt lonely, wandering around East London with my film camera and isolated, as an individual, very fragmented, trapped in the routine of studying, working, living like a passive entity, like a machine. 

I began then to collect photographs of ‘messages’ from the city.

During my walks, I look for physical and symbolic links to my thoughts and feelings. Figures and words appear suddenly in front of my eyes, ready to be processed, developed and printed onto photographic paper.

The work becomes a visual representation of the stream of consciousness, thoughts of an outsider wondering through the heart of East London.

Locations includes Shoreditch, Hoxton, Commercial Street, Brick Lane, Truman’s Brewery, Nomadic Garden, Spitafields, Aldgate East and more.